During our drive, we spotted this “Go Vegan!” piece while serendipitously listening to a podcast with @zachbushmd
I am overflowing with joy to see that veganism has reached a little town in the mountains of Costa Rica 🤯🤎 

My journey to becoming vegan has been just that, a journey. I grew up eating meat for every meal and literally living off chocolate milks lol. I never questioned this lifestyle simply because it is how my family raised me and seemed like the only choice. When I was first introduced to veganism I laughed at how extreme I thought it was, I vividly remember myself saying – “I could never give up cheese.” “I think vegans are too pushy.” And followed with all the vegan jokes 🥴
It wasn’t until my travels to Australia when I met @connorhill33 and @grapesandavocados who are the most beautiful souls. They really showed me their love for animals and met my questions with grace and understanding. I took the first step and watched the documentary “Dominion.” This tragic, raw, real, and horrific film showed the truths behind closed doors. It takes you to the lives of animals before they are on our plates. These beautiful creatures are tortured and used from their birth to death. It was almost too unbearable to watch and yet I was unconsciously supporting these acts by buying their products and eating meat. 
I immediately went vegan for 3 months until I moved back to Oklahoma (January 2019). I was unprepared and not interested in being different at this time so I resorted back to eating meat. It was the easy thing to do. Many months passed until it clicked for me. And it took a community of people who are on the same path to keep going! 

ump ahead to today and I have been completely vegan for 1 year and 6 months and will be for the rest of my life!!! I can honestly say the amount of peace I feel was unexpected. I am continuously learning about the impacts eating meat has on the human body, the environment, and the animals. I feel more connected to nature and all the animals I meet. I lost 35 pounds and feel lighter in my body. I have more energy. 
The benefits are abundant. 

Yes, this picture says “Go Vegan!” But even small steps make a huge difference. Be as vegan as much as you can 🌱💚🌎

Reach out if you have questions for this is a hard journey, but oh so worth it!! 
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