The season of my life I am currently in is something my mind/heart/ and soul could have never imagined for myself 3 years ago. 

I reflect on my last December’s, curious about what each decision has brought me to this place here.

December 2016 I simply asked for a reason to get out of bed. I prayed for motivation and new doors to open as I moved through the first wave of grief.

2017 I asked for safety and wisdom as I made the decision to journey to the unknown across the globe.

2018 I asked for a path for my future/career to be open 

And the universe has been so damn good to me, but today I notice a lot of conversations I’ve recently been having root from, “where did the year go?” Then we exchange what we did and what we didn’t do. A lot of the time it’s almost as if people never truly catch what they desire or talked about at the beginning of the year.

I know I personally have put a time limit on many aspects of my life- physically and emotionally. “I’ll be this in 3 months’ time.” Or “I’ll be like this by the end of the year.” Which just sets us up for disappointment.

But now I focus on what it is that I want now. Who do I want to be today? It’s been so easy to get caught up in what I want for myself in 2020 which of course goals are such a beautiful thing, but right now the goal I want is full presence. To see this season of my life fully. How gracious this universe has been to me to bring me to this path of light out of such darkness. I want to take in each day, each relationship, each conversation and be nowhere but here. 

I want to continue to listen to my heart and pursue what brings me happiness at this moment.

& if you’re in that darkness right now keep listening to your own heart. Keep asking for what you want and what you truly desire. It will all come at the perfect moment. It will make sense

Wishing you all so much joy for TODAY and every day