Today my New Zealand partnership work visa has been approved ⏰🍃⚖️
If you’ve been following our journey through this visa process you know that this has been one of the most challenging obstacles we’ve had to navigate together. After 9 months of long-distance, in October 2020, my original visa was denied due to the case officer not trusting we were in a genuine and stable relationship because we hadn’t lived together…? This was a shock to the system and a slap in the face of our partnership. How was a complete stranger able to control our future so heavily and judge our love for each other? We just endured 9 long and hard months apart, but that wasn’t enough. 
This is when Thom made the decision to move to the United States, in order to “fetch me.” Actual use of words in this scenario that many people are forced to do. We are fortunate that he had the time, space, and funds for such travel, but unfortunately, this is not the case for some. The border closures worldwide have created a barrier between partners, children, and loved ones. Over a year of not seeing the ones, you love most simply because they are in another country. My heart continues to ache for them. (Over 50K people in the Love Is Not Tourism FB group)
Thom moved to the states in February 2021 and we began to build our evidence to create a more sustainable application. We added the evidence to an existing application I created in November- and when I say evidence, I mean every single thing about us. There is no privacy when it comes to submitting a partnership visa. Including letters we wrote each other, every picture taken together, text messages, letters from family and friends, bank account statements, and the list goes onnnnnnnn

We’ve now been waiting 6+ months for the decision on this visa. It has been the hardest journey to trust the universe and let go of our expectations. It has been a journey within itself to stay present and actually enjoy Costa Rica because we have this on our minds constantly. But the beautiful thing about it all is the divine timing. 

We have been focusing more on the present moment. Connections, serendipities, & magic have been a great reminder to stay grounded and connected with the real truth- it will work out the way it should. 
If it wasn’t for that denial, Thom wouldn’t have moved to the US.. we wouldn’t have converted a van or traveled to Costa Rica.
At this moment I sit in awe in the reality Thom and I have created for ourselves. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for it all- The hard parts too. But yet I am also full of sadness for the many many families who are still separated and fighting every day to reunite with their loved ones. 
The power of love is strong and will prevail. 

If you made it this far… thanks for reading. A great reminder to sit with what is. Observe your breath. Your thoughts. And just be. 
Love to you all 🌎