This past month I received one of the greatest gifts from a dear friend of mine Anneke

We stayed up one night and I told her everything from the past two years. I talked about my grief and how much I miss Trey. She listened with an open heart and embraced me as I let down my walls that I’ve been building up to protect myself. Just to have her listen and be there was such a healing experience for me.

The next morning I woke up and she said: “hey jess I wrote you a song.” 

I wanted to share this song with you all because of how raw and pure it is. She is truly an Angel with talents that should be heard by the world.

Anneke was able to place all of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts into one song in one night. 

I am forever grateful for her and the gift she has given me. 


Merry Christmas everyone. Hug your people tight today and every day

Here it is- Meadow Of Flowers