I was reading my 2017 journal the other day and one page said, “Things I’m doing well:
•Making juice sometimes. 
•Not crying all the time.
•Managing. “ 
To now be in a place of light but have the ability to revisit the darkness in a different way through my writings is something that I cherish deeply. I write to release and recently my writings have been about love, divine timing, forgiveness and new adventures. But when I go back to that place I remember that brokenness, the emptiness. All of the tears and cries out for help. The feelings and memories resurface, but not in an unbearable way. Now with a greater appreciation of the journey. That darkness was the hardest time of my life and I am so proud of myself for finding the other side. It was like every day I was having to swim through dry cement just to get through it. I read my past writings and can’t help but smile, laugh, & cry knowing now what that journey through has taught me. I forgive myself and give love to that wounded part of me that continues to heal every day. If today the only thing you can do is manage you’re doing a damn good job! I’ve come to realize the dance of life between darkness and light is just that… a dance. Life is awful sometimes, then it’s incredible and in between its ordinary & routine. May your days feel lighter and you ask for help when it’s needed. Please remember someone loves you always, I love you. 
Dance on!